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Biofile S.A.S.

Solutions provider

Biofile is a Colombian medical software development company that provides cutting-edge solutions addressing efficient tools for patient medical records.

CTECH Technology PTY LTD

Solutions provider
South Africa

CTECH Technology PTY LTD is a digital services holding company with the main focus of driving digital asset management.


Solutions provider
South Africa

We grow and scale SME's through AI Technology, Business Process Automation and Effective Branding & Marketing Solutions.


Solutions provider

Keeping is an international marketing advisor offering digital tools to the companies to reach their targets.

Ngernthongdee Co.,Ltd.

Solutions provider

Ngernthongdee Co.,Ltd. (NTD) is a DevOps and Cloud Automation Specialist Company – Making Cloud Adoption easy for Enterprises.


Solutions provider

Openhotelier specializes providing an alternative to a Global Distribution System (GDS) to businesses in the travel industry.

Solutions provider
Venezuela helps small businesses grow by providing business intelligence and automation services.


Solutions Provider

Central services from different channels via a platform. Consultancy and support software, sales & marketing.

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